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3 Smart Marketing Ideas using Custom Stickers

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3 Smart Marketing Ideas using Custom Stickers

Whether you’ve just started a business, have an established brand or are scaling faster than you’d hoped, custom stickers help your business grow at any stage.

Custom stickers help transform small spaces to represent your brand.

They give exposure to your company and turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors for your business. When printed as a sticker or label, your logo will pop up in unexpected places, leaving a lasting impression on prospects.

Here are 3 various ways of making stickers work for your brand.

Customise anything

  • Custom stickers are the best way to brand your product or its packaging without handling high volumes or committing to massive expenditure.
  • You can get stickers in low quantities, which allow you to test, iterate and test again to see what resonates with customers the best.
  • Being able to test cheaply and quickly are vital ingredients to any marketing campaign. It’s widely researched and documented.
  • Custom labels are generally delivered on sheets or rolls so you can rapidly apply them to your packaging, such as bottles. 
  • These holographic stickers applied to honey jars are a perfect example of transforming a low-cost glass jar into a beautiful piece of custom packaging for only a tiny cost!

Free handouts to your customers

Well, maybe not just your customers.

You can give away stickers to prospects, influencers and your general community too!

Stickers have a hidden power – they’re one of the best ways to promote your business because people don’t take a branded sticker as advertising. They look at them as a gift – a present!

Making awesome stickers to give away starts to associate your company with generosity and excellent customer service.

Oh, and the fact that the more people that apply your stickers to their laptops and phones, the more people will be exposed to your brand – cool, eh!

Giving stickers to influencers has the added benefit of getting massive exposure to your brand.

Guerilla marketing.

Some of India’s most prominent brands use guerilla marketing tactics to gain rapid exposure, often with low budgets.

Guerilla marketing uses unconventional strategies for communicating your message. Take this image below. It certainly rouses emotion and helps people to remember the brand! The number of people who will take pictures like this and share them with their friends and social networks increases the exposure of this really low-cost marketing campaign!


We hope these 3 ideas helped show you what can be achieved when using custom printed stickers in your marketing campaigns and strategies. 

If you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us, or need advice before buying custom stickers online please leave a comment below.


Thanks for reading.


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