CID officer kaise bane

Introduction: about CID officer kaise bane

CID officer banana ek sammanjanak aur maan-samman bhara karya hai. CID (Criminal Investigation Department) ek aise department mein kaam karta hai jo apradh aur crime ke investigation mein madad karta hai. Is article mein hum aapko batayenge ki CID officer kaise banein aur kis tarah ki taiyari karni chahiye.

CID Officer: Ek Parichay

CID officer ek law enforcement agency mein kaam karta hai jiska uddeshya apradhik ghatnayon aur anya kanoon ke ulanghan ko investigate karna hota hai. CID officers high-profile cases aur serious crimes jaise murder, kidnapping, fraud, etc., ka investigation karte hain.

CID Officer Kaise Banein: Kuch Kadam

  1. Shiksha aur Yogyaata: CID officer banne ke liye aapko kam se kam kisi recognized university se graduation karni chahiye. Kuch positions ke liye post-graduation bhi zaroori ho sakti hai.
  2. Physical Fitness: CID mein bharti hone ke liye aapko physical fitness bhi important hoti hai. Aapko achi physical stamina aur strength honi chahiye.
Steps Description
Education Complete graduation, some roles need PG.
Physical Maintain good physical fitness.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Service to Nation: Serving as a CID officer means contributing to maintaining law and order in society.
  2. Job Satisfaction: Investigating and solving challenging cases can provide immense job satisfaction.


  1. High Pressure: Dealing with high-profile cases can be stressful and emotionally taxing.
  2. Long Hours: CID officers often work long hours to complete investigations and solve cases.

Steps to Become a CID Officer:

  1. Pursue the necessary educational qualifications.
  2. Maintain good physical fitness and stamina.

Useful Resource Links:

  1. UPSC Official Website:
  2. SSC Official Website:
    • Staff Selection Commission (SSC): Visit the SSC official website to get information about exams like CGL (Combined Graduate Level) which is a pathway to various law enforcement positions including CID officers.
  3. State Police Recruitment Boards:
    • Check the respective state’s Police Recruitment Board websites for state-level police job notifications and updates.
  4. Physical Fitness Guidelines:
  5. LinkedIn for Networking:
    • LinkedIn: Network with current and former CID officers, law enforcement professionals, and join relevant groups to gain insights into the profession.

These resources will provide you with essential information, exam notifications, and tips to help you navigate the path towards becoming a CID officer.

FAQs: CID officer kaise bane

  1. CID Officer Kaise Banein?CID officer banne ke liye aapko educationally qualified hona zaroori hai aur aapko kisi recognized law enforcement agency mein apply karna padega.
  2. CID Officer Banne Ke Liye Maximum Age Kya Honi Chahiye?Maximum age limit CID officer banne ke liye alag-alag positions par alag ho sakti hai. Aapko particular job notification dekhna padega.
  3. CID Officer Banane Ke Liye Kya Exam Dena Padta Hai?CID officer banne ke liye aapko kuch competitive exams clear karni padti hai jo unki department ke dwara conduct ki jati hain.
  4. CID Officer Ki Salary Kitni Hoti Hai?CID officer ki salary unki rank, experience aur department ke anusaar alag hoti hai. Generally, salary range competitive hoti hai.
  5. CID Officer Ki Job Location Kaise Decide Hoti Hai?CID officer ki job location unki posting aur department ke requirements par nirbhar karti hai. Ye location vary kar sakti hai.


CID officer banana ek izzat aur maan-samman bhara career hai jo aapko samajik rup se madad karta hai. Aapko kam se kam graduation aur physical fitness maintain karna padega. Yadi aap law enforcement field mein apna career banana chahte hain, to CID officer ek accha vikalp ho sakta hai.

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