Password kaise banaye


Password ek mahatvapurna security feature hai jo aapko online duniya mein surakshit rakhne mein madad karta hai. Ek majboot password rakhna online accounts ko hack hone se bachata hai. Is article mein hum aapko batayenge ki password kaise banaye jata hai aur kuch tips jo aapke accounts ko surakshit rakhein.

Password Kya Hai?

Password ek secret combination hoti hai jo aapko authenticate karti hai aur aapko aapke online accounts mein access deti hai. Yeh combination alphanumeric characters, symbols, aur special characters ka mishran hota hai.

Strong Password Banane Ke Tareeke

  1. Lamba aur Complex Banaye: Password ko lamba banaye aur usme uppercase, lowercase, numbers, aur special characters ka upyog karein.
  2. Personal Information Ka Istemal Na Karein: Apne naam, janm tarikh, ya kisi personal information ka istemal na karein, kyun ki yeh hackers ke liye aasan targets hote hain.
  3. Regularly Change Karein: Apne passwords ko niyamit roop se badlein taaki security maintain rahe.
  4. Password Manager Ka Istemal Karein: Password manager ka istemal karein jisse aapke passwords secure rakhe ja sakein aur aapko har jagah yaad rakhne ki zarurat na ho.
Tips Description
Lamba aur Complex Combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
Personal Information Avoid using personal details like name or birthdate.
Regularly Change Change passwords at regular intervals for added security.
Password Manager Use a reliable password manager for secure storage.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Enhanced Security: Strong passwords provide better security against unauthorized access.
  2. Data Protection: Helps in safeguarding personal and sensitive information.


  1. Difficulty in Remembering: Complex passwords might be hard to remember without a password manager.
  2. Password Reset Issues: If forgotten, resetting a complex password can be time-consuming.

List: Tips to Create Strong Passwords:

  1. Avoid Dictionary Words: Do not use common dictionary words.
  2. Use Special Characters: Incorporate special characters like ‘@’, ‘#’, ‘$’, etc.
  3. Mix of Characters: Combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

Useful Resource Links:

  1. LastPass:
    • LastPass: A popular password manager that securely stores your passwords and generates complex ones for added security.
  2. Dashlane:
    • Dashlane: Another reliable password manager that not only stores passwords but also offers a secure digital wallet for your personal information.
  3. NIST Guidelines for Passwords:
    • NIST Guidelines: Explore the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines on creating strong passwords.
  4. Google Password Manager:
  5. StaySafeOnline – Creating a Strong Password:

These resources offer valuable insights and tools to create strong and secure passwords, ensuring your online accounts remain protected.

FAQs: Password kaise banaye

  1. Kya Har Account Ke Liye Alag Password Hona Chahiye?Haan, har account ke liye alag password hona chahiye taaki security maintain rahe.
  2. Password Reset Kaise Karein?Password reset ke liye account settings mein jaakar “Forgot Password” option ka istemal karein.
  3. Kya Password Share Karna Safe Hai?Nahin, password share karna kabhi bhi safe nahi hai, kisi ke saath bhi.
  4. Password Kho Jane Par Kya Karein?Agar password kho gaya hai toh password reset karein ya password manager ka istemal karein.
  5. Online Transactions Ke Liye Kaise Secure Password Banaye?Online transactions ke liye lamba aur complex password banaye jisme special characters bhi shamil ho.


Ek strong password rakhna online suraksha ke liye zaroori hai. Aapko lamba, complex aur har account ke liye alag-alag password ka upyog karna chahiye. Password manager ka istemal karna aur niyamit roop se passwords ko badalna bhi suraksha mein madad karta hai. Hamesha apne passwords ko secure rakhein aur online activities ko surakshit banayein.

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